Our philosophy.

We don’t believe in hype.

With all the noise around AI, it can be hard to know what is relevant for your business. We don’t believe that any solution is going to immediately solve all your problems. We believe that AI is most valuable when it is useful. We aim to enrich the human creative process through solving problems in existing creative workflows and making useful tools for creatives.

We don’t believe AI is “intelligent”.

Words such as “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” have erroneous connotations of human-level critical thinking. AI technologies such as neural networks & deep learning require human experts and businesses to work together intelligently in order to achieve meaningful outcomes.

We do believe the technologies behind AI are powerful.

Applied in the right way to relevant problems and good data, AI technologies can achieve things that have not been possible before, and make a real difference to your business.

We do believe in a strong relationship between industry & academia.

We believe that exciting & useful things happen when cutting-edge research meets everyday problems & dreams. We maintain strong links with the academic community - our co-founder Kevin Webster is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Mathematics department at Imperial College London where he teaches the PhD course on Deep Learning. We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach and diverse teams are required to find the most innovative and useful applications of AI.

We do believe that successfully implementing AI requires a partnership.

Achieving success with AI technologies involves identifying the right business problems and applying the technology iteratively. With deep knowledge of current research and technologies, we are the bridge between the creative industries and the possibilities of machine learning.


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