FeedForward AI is a London-based artificial intelligence consultancy. Our experience of machine learning research and developing AI-driven products, combined with deep business experience with both corporates and high-growth businesses, enables us to be the bridge between your business and the opportunities of artificial intelligence.

At FeedForward AI we offer a comprehensive range of services, including A.I. consulting, machine learning development, and training. 

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In the past, a lot of S&P 500 CEOs wished they had started thinking sooner than they did about their Internet strategy. I think five years from now there will be a number of S&P 500 CEOs that will wish they’d started thinking earlier about their A.I. strategy.
— Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu Research

Meet the founders

With our shared belief that the best outcomes are realised when the business and technology sides of an organisation work in partnership, we founded FeedForward to bring together the knowledge and passion of leading machine learning researchers and businesses in order to solve problems that matter.

Kevin Webster

Director of Research

Kevin completed his PhD in mathematics at Imperial College London. He has over 7 years of research experience, including postdoctoral positions at Imperial College and a prestigious Marie-Curie Fellowship.

He has published many academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and has spent a number of years in industry, applying machine learning to business problems and as Head of Research at an A.I. startup.

Kevin has a particular interest in adapting machine learning methods for a data-based analysis of dynamical systems and in many areas of deep learning including RNNs, MANNs, density estimators, autoregressive models, adversarial training, and latent variable models. His interest and experience extends to applying machine learning to the creative sphere, including music composition and audio.

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Lydia Gregory

Director of Business Strategy

Lydia's experience is both in large corporates and high-growth businesses. 

After studying at Oxford University, she was a management consultant at Accenture. Aligned to technology and financial services, she worked with FTSE 100 clients on delivering technical solutions and data migration projects.  

She was Head of Growth at a London A.I. startup where she led the team to win awards such as a Cannes Innovation Lion and worked with corporate clients to integrate the machine-learning-driven solution.

She regularly speaks on topics including the relevance of machine learning to the real world, debunking A.I., and building inclusivity into technology. She is particularly interested in using technology to enable human creativity and in the application of machine learning to art and sound.

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