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We set up the FeedForward AI Academy in response to the extraordinary interest we have received from individuals and businesses who want to develop skills in machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning, including its sub-field of deep learning, is a fast-evolving field in artificial intelligence; it has become one of the most in-demand skillsets, far exceeding the supply of people with an expertise in this field.

It is our mission to enable software developers & decision makers within every business to develop theoretical and practical understanding of machine learning & deep learning, including core principles and specialist topics. Artificial intelligence will revolutionise every industry and we want to enable you and your business to lead the way.


The FeedForward AI Academy programmes are led by Dr Kevin Webster, Honorary Research Fellow in Mathematics at Imperial College. Kevin recently completed teaching the graduate level course on Deep Learning in the mathematics department at Imperial College London in Autumn 2018.


We create a focused and inclusive environment so that you develop real understanding and practical experience of the technologies behind artificial intelligence.

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Interested in custom training courses for your in-house teams? So are we. Please contact academy@feedforwardai.com.

To build a future workforce of AI practitioners, we need to move beyond simply training people to use machine learning or deep learning libraries. A deeper knowledge is required to work effectively with this technology, develop models suitable to the task, and to modify, customise or debug existing implementations.

In order to create and execute effective AI strategies, it is beneficial for people in a wide variety of roles to develop an understanding of machine learning algorithms, how they work, and the intuition and theory that underlies them.
— Dr Kevin Webster, FeedForward AI CoFounder & Honorary Research Fellow in Mathematics at Imperial College London

Innovation AI

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We also run a series of free events called Innovation AI.

We started this meetup to bring together A.I. practitioners and thought leaders with business leaders and innovators. We explore innovative applications of A.I. in the real world and have previously featured speakers from the likes of DeepMind, Native Instruments & Microsoft Research.

Academia & industry in conversation.

If you're interested in learning more about the possibilities of A.I. and machine learning come and join us. All events are free. https://www.meetup.com/Innovation-A-I/