Creating a future workforce of A.I. practitioners.

We are really pleased to share that in early 2019 we will start offering in-person courses on machine learning and deep learning. Details at

Why? Over the last year, we have heard from so many businesses that they recognise that machine learning will be an important part of their future business strategy, but that they don’t have the skills in-house. We have also heard from software developers who are keen to learn these skills, but who have found that most resources available to them are centred around off-the-shelf machine learning libraries. This means they don’t gain knowledge around how the algorithms work, how to select the right algorithm for a problem, and what to do when they aren’t getting the results that they want.

Meanwhile, FeedForward AI Co-Founder Kevin Webster co-designed and taught a course on deep learning for the Mathematics PhD students at Imperial College London, where he is also Honorary Research Fellow. Intended as an internal course within the university, we nonetheless were spontaneously contacted by over 600 people from all round the world who wanted to know if they could take this course too. It was clear that the thirst for this knowledge is worldwide but there is a short supply of communicators for the nuts and bolts of this field.

And so, we have launched the FeedForward AI Academy. We have started by offering courses aimed at existing software developers, data scientists or other technically-minded people who want to learn the thorough foundations of machine learning and/or deep learning. There’s also a maths course to get started with if you’re not confident in the core maths.

The intention is for the suite of courses to grow rapidly to include specialist topics and to offer courses for people in non-technical roles. Our philosophy is that it is beneficial for people in a wide variety of roles to gain understanding of machine learning algorithms in order to create & execute effective A.I. strategies within their businesses. As this technology becomes more prevalent and impacts our businesses and society, the more important it becomes to have people who can really engage with the technology, interrogate the algorithms, and understand what’s going on.

Most of all, the courses offered by FeedForward AI Academy will be shaped by what we hear is needed in business. So we invite you to join us on one of our first courses and further your knowledge and interest as an A.I. practitioner.

To build a future workforce of AI practitioners, we need to move beyond simply training people to use machine learning or deep learning libraries. A deeper knowledge is required to work effectively with this technology, develop models suitable to the task, and to modify, customise or debug existing implementations.

In order to create and execute effective AI strategies, it is beneficial for people in a wide variety of roles to develop an understanding of machine learning algorithms, how they work, and the intuition and theory that underlies them.
— Dr Kevin Webster, FeedForward AI CoFounder & Honorary Research Fellow in Mathematics at Imperial College London