Working with industry to harness the power of science

We’re really pleased to announce that Cristina Sargent, PhD is now working with us. With her phenomenal skills at the intersection of science and industry, she is adept at working with clients from innovation to delivery. If you have questions about optimisation, forecasting, decision-making, resource-allocation, scheduling or resilience, or you have data from which you would like to unlock new opportunities, Cristina can work with you from formulating the problem statement through to designing and managing the development of a solution.

After completing her PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London, Cristina worked at the Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and Systems Engineering, where she worked across industries including agritech, transport, manufacturing, energy, satellite applications, aviation, and incident response. Her projects included modelling a new spectrometer for process monitoring and control in manufacturing, data analysis and algorithm design for welfare management in dairy farming, improving emergency response to contaminants in complex buildings using complex flow dynamics, and the development of a methodology for robust decision-making for large-scale projects with uncertainty and different timescales. She also participated in a project concerned with developing an automatic classifier that uses satellite data to detect illegal fishing.

Cristina founded a mathematical consultancy to provide tailored mathematical services to public and private organisations at the forefront of science and innovation. Projects include data analysis to prevent the occurrence of pulmonary postoperative complications, a series of workshops with industry and academia looking at a wide range of problems including data poisoning in autonomous vehicles and modelling the resilience of the Sahel region ecosystem under pressures from invasive species.

You can read about her previous work in agri-tech forecasting here: