A.I. Consulting

With the field of artificial intelligence moving so quickly, it can be hard to know what's hype and what could bring value to your business. 

From rapid diagnostic projects, to guidance on implementing specific techniques, and training sessions for your teams, we offer consulting that is relevant and insightful. 

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Machine Learning Development

Our multi-disciplinary agile teams work with your existing business, data and software teams on end-to-end machine learning development projects.

We typically have 2 key phases 1) creating a Proof of Value 2) full machine learning development. 

See below for more information on how we work with you and tailor our approach to your requirements.


A.I. Consulting


Rapid One day review

The outcome is identifying areas of the business where machine learning could solve problems or add value and our recommended next steps.

three day diagnostic

We will work with your key business and technical stakeholders to identify where machine learning could add significant value. 

The outcome is a roadmap for developing a Proof of Value and an outline for implementation.


half day workshop

Includes a practical implementation of machine learning.


Have you got a specific A.I. topic you want to learn or event you need to prepare for? We are available for 1-2-1 sessions on a one-off or ongoing basis.


Are you looking to include A.I. or machine learning as a topic in your upcoming event?

We are experienced in speaking on a variety of topics, from real-world-implementations & ethical implications to technical details & mathematical theory.


Panel discussions

Board presentations


Machine Learning Development

We work in Agile teams and typically our projects have two key phases 1) creating a Proof of Value 2) full machine learning development.

Every business is different and we will work with you to identify where you are in this process and refine the approach to suit your objectives.

Proof of Value

Working typically with a subset of the overall data, we run a condensed version of the methodology below in order to create a prototype to demonstrate the value that would be created by the full project. This can be helpful for enabling you to get budget sign-off within your business. Creating a Proof of Value prototype typically takes no longer than four weeks.

Machine Learning Development


The first step is to explore the data and summarise its main characteristics, often using graphical tools.


We will work with you to define objectives, hypotheses & baselines. 

Data Cleaning

To get the most out of your data, we will improve the quality by resolving inconsistencies, handling missing data values and removing duplicates.

Model Design

Using our knowledge of the latest research, we will build the most appropriate models for your objectives.

Test & Validate

The model results are examined according to chosen metrics, and optimised to provide the most accurate predictions.


Depending upon requirements, we will build an interface into our models for integration into your current systems.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning Expertise

The field of machine learning is continually breaking new ground and state-of-the-art deep learning models frequently outperform more traditional machine learning approaches. Our strength comes from keeping up to date with the newest breakthroughs in this fast-evolving field.

Our expertise covers a broad range of model architectures and applications, including:

  • Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) such as LSTM or GRU units
  • Memory augmented neural networks (MANNs) such as the Neural Turing Machine or Differentiable Neural Computer
  • Reinforcement learning (RL) systems that can train autonomous agents to learn directly from real world input
  • Generative models such as autoregressive models (e.g. WaveNet)adversarial models (GANs) and variational autoencoders (VAEs)
  • Convolutional networks (CNNs), including Inception and ResNet models

FeedForward AI's Director of Research, Kevin Webster PhD, is an active academic in machine learning. He holds a 2015 Marie Curie Research Fellowship at Imperial and has published many papers in peer-reviewed journals. 

How We Work


Empowering you to apply cutting-edge research to solve real business problems.


Our agile teams have three core capabilities - machine learning expertise, software architecture and development, and business consultancy.

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